• Feta Mousse, sundried tomato paste, fresh oregano
  • Feta, colourful peppers, spring onion, olive, cucumber, tomato
  • Greek cream cheese, black & green olive paste, fresh thyme
  • Greek cream cheese, pine nuts, al pesto
  • Greek white cheese mousse
  • - with Manouri, Feta, traditional cottage cheese, Santorinian cherry tomatoes, cucumber & rocket
  • Manouri cheese, Santorinian cherry tomatoes, fresh basil
  • Tomato, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, olive oil, hot mustard
  • Chili sauce, mayonnaise, shrimps, garlic
  • Smoked salmon, Manouri cheese, dill, caviar
  • Mini biscuit corns with Baklava or Kataifi ice cream - sweet
  • Fruit platter (up to 30 guests)
  • Cheese and cold-cuts platter (up to 30 guests)
  • Fruit and cheese platter (up to 30 guests)

Finger Food

  • Chicken on a stick (mini – 50 grams)
  • Chicken wrapped in bacon on a stick (mini – 50 grams
  • Shrimps and bacon on a stick
  • Mediterranean chicken (mini – 50 grams): Chicken marinated in onion, chili, lime, garlic, fresh oregano and rosemary with Santorinian green & red grapes
  • In The Oven
  • Mushrooms filled with veggies & Greek cheese or cold cuts
  • Fresh Greek pies with cheese or spinach or meat or veggies
  • Santorinian baby eggplant filled with Greek cheese & veggies
  • Handmade meatballs filled with feta cheese (100% minced beef)
  • Flogeres - ham, cheese & ketchup wrapped in rice paper
  • Flogeres - turkey, mozzarella & mustard wrapped in rice paper
  • Breaded crab sticks
  • Tomatokeftes: traditional Santorinian tomato fritter
  • Kolokythokeftes: zucchini fritter
  • Cheese & veggie balls wrapped in crispy bacon
  • Shrimp in sesame & herbs
  • Cold
  • Cherry tomatoes filled with a variety of Greek cheeses
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